Women's Health Clinic

Provincial Eating Disorder Prevention
and Recovery Program


Do you often think about your weight?
Do you worry about body image or struggle with self-esteem?
Our workshops are also for those who do not have an eating disorder but need support to have a balanced and peaceful relationship with food and body.

All workshops are free and open to women and men ages 16 & up.
Workshops are open to clients, community members, families and service providers.
We do ask for registration for our workshops.
Please register by contacting us at:
(204) 947-2422 ext 137 or

We create a new workshop flyer four times a year:
Winter (January-March)
Spring (April-June)
Summer (July-August)
Fall (September-December)

If you would like to receive our workshop flyers by email, please enter your information below, and we will add you to our mailing list.
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